new-headshotHello, my name is ShuNahSii Rose and it is my pleasure to welcome you to our site and tell you a little bit about what we do and how we came to be.  I am the founding mama of In Sacred Balance. My roots in nature-based feminist practice go way back. When I was just a little girl, my mother and maternal grandmother introduced me to a spiritual/political worldview that honored both the divine feminine and the earth.

In 1979 I came to attend a small, wildly alternative inner city high school in Chicago, and my mind was blown wide open. My studies at Chrysalis showed me that reverence for the earth (my family’s seemingly quirky ways) was actually humanity’s longest lasting and most universal spiritual legacy. Perhaps even more importantly I came to see that the wisdom inherent in the universal threads that ran through nature based traditions had much to teach us about the restoration of social justice and environmental well-being in the here and now.

This awakening laid the foundation for what my life’s work would come to be.

I was inspired to work for a better world, and the obvious connection between honoring the natural world and hope for the future was permanently forged in my mind.  With the arrival of my two daughters (Lia in 1985, and Sara in 1989) I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and my choice to commit to a career of feminist education and intergenerational community building was solidified.  In 1990 I began my practice as a feminist educator, healer, and community organizer in Ann Arbor.


It was at that time that I began offering seasonal classes and celebrations for women and, out of obvious necessity, in 1992 I started an ongoing support group for girls that was affectionately dubbed Diana Circle.  Now in our 28th year, In Sacred Balance offers a model of sustained inter-generational feminist spiritual community and we are developing outrageously beautiful circles of sisters and sibs across the nation. Through classes, seasonal celebrations, and personal mentorships we are a living embodiment of the healing revolution. Many of the leadership positions in our budding National organization are held by members who grew up in the community.  We are a modern, life sustaining village.

Through exploration of the relationship between personal healing and planetary change, our intention is to reestablish the visibility, and credibility, of the Women’s Council (trans and non-binary inclusive) as a voice for the earth.   Together we stand strong as we re-enter the most critical conversations of our time in an effort to positively shape our collective destiny.