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A Simple Summer Solstice Offering of Gratitude to the Waters of the World

As the Season of Fire, long days and resplendent activity, reaches its zenith with the Summer Solstice, we find it important to slow down for a second and offer up gratitude to the cooling, and life sustaining, waters of the world. In our community we do this by creating a beautiful flotilla (of non toxic, biodegradable) offerings and sending them downriver, or into the waters, with song and celebration. We have public celebrations all over the country, and would love for you to join us!

If you cannot make it to one of our events, we encourage you to gather together friends and family for this beautiful and simple ritual yourself. While you can use any song that carries the right sentiment, we’re offering this one, from our community, for your singing pleasure. Feel free to sing River of Light on this very special day.


Original Song: Ribbon of Light  (c) ShuNahSii Rose 2013



Moon Magic Offering from Diana Circle

Diana Circle is a teen girls group centered on magical feminism, and has been running continuously in Ann Arbor Michigan for over 20 years. This season they have been hard at work on the Mama’s Market, a one day event in Ann Arbor showcasing the work of amazing and talented women. The Diana Girls themselves created a line of Red Tent Accouterments: products to encourage self love, self respect, and self care. As part of this collection, they are thrilled to share with you an original song that sprang up organically in their time preparing for this project.

Original Song: Rhythm Of The Universe  (c) ShuNahSii Rose, Nyah Selassie, and Diana Circle 2018




Personal Sacred Space Meditation (10 minutes)

Use this meditation to clear from your sacred space anything that no longer serves you, and to connect with the vast energy of earth and sky!





Intro to Shamanism as Worldview (Podcast, 29 minutes)

In this talk ShuNahSii explores practical aspects of shamanism:

  • How it helps us enter into, and sustain, a loving relationship with all of creation.
  • And how it has the capacity to facilitate a a clear sense of purpose in life.