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The skies are hinting at the first relatively proper snow of the season and this is proper Winter magic. I have been up since well before light watching the snow fall and taking in the predawn quiet, which feels like one aspect of the true essence of Winter. Just like all of the seasons here in Michigan, and here on earth for that matter, Winter has its own brand of magic. I’ve shared a bit of what I love about Winter with regard to the lives and stories of our animal kin in this post on animal tracking, but I also some of our human winter traditions.

I have spent decades now passionately researching, and contemplating, the roots of our seasonal traditions and lo and behold, there is magic to be had in these old ways; celebrating the long nights, the songs, the traditions of honoring light in darkness, baking seasonal goodies, and making all kinds of magical gifts with our hands. I see magic, even in the tradition of gift giving, when it is extricated from blind consumption and/or resentful obligation. So, come late November, I am up late into the night and up early in the morning, busy making my own brand of magic in my kitchen…a range of herbal and artful creations that bring us back to our senses and remind us to reconnect with the rituals of winter that our ancestors held dear. Some of my faves this year are the very special blessing “kits” I’ve made, as they offer both, clear, practical suggestions for connecting with winter magic and explicit tools and ingredients for doing so!

WINTER DREAMS-open the gateway to magic

there is a sweet silence that falls over the earth in the season of winter. the grandmother planet is dreaming and so should we be: dreams serve as portals into deeper relationship with the imaginal realm and open us to possibility. create a bedside Dreaming Altar and partake of these winter dreaming rituals. watch the magic unfold!

dreamgates luminary, starry night bathing concentrate, and over the moon pillow spray.

FACE IT…YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!-winter face pampering kit

this unique gift set is lovingly made in small batches with all natural, mostly organic, ingredients. it is intended to inspire little windows of time to nurture yourself and/or share with family and friends.

face steam, green clay & rose face mask, rose-scented honey pat

And…my absolute FAVORITE creation of they year is this

THIRTEEN DAYS OF SOLSTICE-inspiring the art of ritual winter self care kit

the ultimate gift set to help you remember the beauty, and true nature, of the season. use these exceptional products, all lovingly hand made in small batches, to restore a rhythm of repose and purpose during the darkest months of the year.

This is a combination of body care, bath love and magical elixirs. I have worked it on this one! It includes many of my old favorites (in miniature) and several new, never before available, delectable treats. Many of the goodies are multiple use, carry in your pocket, and/or indulge in over the winter, offerings and the idea is to actually go for thirteen nights of sustaining winter magic through the art of simple, homespun, ritual.

The Dream Tea alone (only available in this kit because of limited quantities) speaks for the level of care that goes into each of these creations: I wildcraft the primary ingredient (sweetgale-myrica gale is the botanical name) along the shores of Lake Michigan in Northern Michigan, and I grow the sweetgrass myself. Every single aspect of these offerings comes from love, from the inception of an idea born of deep listening to what we need to get right in these times, to the singing I do late into the night as I bring them into being. I am intentionally sending magic out into the world that it may be a better place, because you know, we can’t contribute to peace on earth if we are discombobulated within.

Thirteen nights of ritual that look like:

BATH PRODUCTS: milk & honey, golden glow, bless and purify, vibrant mint-foot soak

BODY CARE: face steam, green clay & rose face mask, lavender lemon honey emollient balm


Blessing Waters/Environment Sprays-

healing-revitalizes hope

lighten up-uplifts and refreshes

safe space-cleanses, blesses, and protects

over the moon-brings on sweet dreams

starry water-use in beverages, baths, or on your person to reconnect with vast possibility.

dream tea-sweetgale, sweetgrass, lavender, pink rose petals, blue cornflower, and silver mica

So go on and rock those Winter rituals….remember long, candlelit, magical baths, wake up deep dreaming with olfactory inspiration and remember to DREAM…it has the power to change the world.

‘Til next time, may the Blessings of Winter be upon you.